Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas


North Texas Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk

Sunday, October 22nd

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Sundance Square - Fort Worth, TX

Silas's Steppers - Captain: Jennifer Dickey

The Step Up For Down Syndrome walk is the primary fundraiser for the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas.  In addition to raising funds and awareness, the Walk is a family friendly event that will include plenty of fun for everyone.  We hope you will join us for this great day supporting individuals with Down syndrome! 

We hope you will support our Team and help raise awareness and funds to support people with Down syndrome.  If you would like to walk with us on October 22nd, select REGISTER

For those attending the event, an Early Bird Registration rate of $15.00 per person is available until June 30th.

Beginning July 1st, registration will be $25.00 per person. Walkers with Down syndrome can register to walk at no charge.

T-shirts are guaranteed for those that register before September 23rd. 

We look forward to a great day celebrating our friends and loved ones with Down syndrome in Sundance Square on October 22nd! 


If you are unable to attend the event, please consider making a charitable Donation showing your support. 


Register or Donate now by using the links above!



For more information, call 817-390-2970 or e-mail

Team Registrants
Cheyenne  Neimeyer
Jasper Cobb
Triztyn Smith
Micah Hazelwood
Debbie  Cardini
Brooke Cunniff
Hayden  Cockrell
Mario Mario
Chuck  Roy
Leesa Partain
Aaron Cobb
Anthony  Moreno
Haley Cunniff
Aliecia  Palomo
Zakaree Watters
Logan Anderson
Gage Cockrell
Melissa Hill
Chris  Dickey
Silas Dickey
Patricia  Lackey
Deborah Cline
Martha Cobb
Barbara Lamb
Angela Stumbo
Dusti  Lewis
Andrya Johnson
Kassandra Holt
Dewayne Maynard
Paula Gilbert
Staci Anderson
Stephenie Miller
Pam Russell
Kyle Mitchell
Zander Cobb
Cindy Boone
Leo Girtz
Jennifer Dickey
Luke Anderson
Landon  Anderson
Dakota Neimeyer
James  Smith
Shawna Lynch
Heather Richards
Jane Tavares-Formel
Paisley Dickey
Glenn Cunniff
Sutton Stevens
Charlie Smith
Sebastian Martinez
Michael Matlock
Bruce Richards
Jayden Lewis
Micah Carlton
Connie Holt
kristi Smith
Heather Townsend
Jamie Putman
Greg Wells
Gregg Boone
Team Donors
Leesa Partain
Jerry and Cissy Boone
Melissa Hill
Glen and Deborah Cline
Angela Stumbo
Kavin and Downy Vickery
Andrya Johnson
Paula Gilbert
Stephenie Miller
Pam Russell
Paula Gilbert
Jane Tavares-Formel
Heather Townsend
Julie  Huff
Team Goal


Thank You To Our Generous 2017 Sponsors!


For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please call the DSPNT office at 817-390-2970. 

Learn more about our generous sponsors by clicking their logos!




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