Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas


North Texas Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk

Sunday, October 22nd

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Sundance Square - Fort Worth, TX

Online registration will close at 5pm on October 16th

On-site registration will be available at the event.

Rhett's Roadies - Captain: Gabbert Mattie

The Step Up For Down Syndrome walk is the primary fundraiser for the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas.  In addition to raising funds and awareness, the Walk is a family friendly event that will include plenty of fun for everyone.  We hope you will join us for this great day supporting individuals with Down syndrome! 

We hope you will support our Team and help raise awareness and funds to support people with Down syndrome.  If you would like to walk with us on October 22nd, select REGISTER

For those attending the event, an Early Bird Registration rate of $15.00 per person is available until June 30th.

Beginning July 1st, registration will be $25.00 per person. Walkers with Down syndrome can register to walk at no charge.

T-shirts are guaranteed for those that register before October 2nd. 

We look forward to a great day celebrating our friends and loved ones with Down syndrome in Sundance Square on October 22nd! 


If you are unable to attend the event, please consider making a charitable Donation showing your support. 


Register or Donate now by using the links above!



For more information, call 682-316-3121 or e-mail

Team Goal

Team Donors
Team Registrants
Garrett Stoner
Samuel Patterson
Dolly Steward
Kendall Darr
Matt Campbell
Brandon Whitehead
Aidan Peña
Shannon Baird
Rylie Gonsoulin
Celia Leyva
Alex Darr
Briggs Heckt
Jace Campbell
Les Davis
Jordan Kendrick
Major Heckt
Shaelynn Whitehead
Ashlee Gabbert
David Leyva
Jana Darr
Jana Morgan
Hayley Varner
Celia Montes
Madison Leyva
Annalise Leyva
Sarah Beauvais
Hudson Burchfield
Paula Baker
Lavetta Daniel
Gabe Heckt
Lauren Darr
Daniel Alsup
Chase Gabbert
Kirstin Heckt
Sloan Heckt
Kim Altom
Sheree Davis
Vicki Alsup
Kaitlin Peña
Jayme Edgar
Greenlee Baird
David Morgan
Stacey Grubb
Raleigh Trout
Laura Ingram
Angela Patterson
Knox Gabbert
Madison Ward
Bingham Ward
Sheridan Whitehead
McKenna Campbell
Burchfield Ryder
Jacob Graves
Bradie Gabbert
Cyndee Burchfield
Matt Meredith
Ryan Gonsoulin
Emma Leyva
Katie Campbell
Susan Meridith
Trey Ramirez
Sydney Patterson
Katy Najera
Kenzie Grubb
John Grubb
Hardick Bekah
Jerad Gabbert
Cheney Hotchkiss
Christina Almos
Sheila Otis
Mackenzie Harris
Don Steward
Rhett Gabbert
Cande Montes
Troy Baker
Jessica Ashcroft
Kim Varner
Mark Gabbert
Jim Turner
Gabbert Mattie
Caleb Najera
Pam Turner
Maddox Baird
Jolie Whitehead
Luke Heckt
Hailie Peña
Maddox Burchfield
Dalton Ward
Robbe Trout
Caren Quinn
Justin Peña

Thank You To Our Generous 2017 Sponsors!


For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please call the DSPNT office at (682) 316-3121. 

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