Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas


North Texas Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk

Sunday, October 22nd

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Sundance Square - Fort Worth, TX

Online registration will close at 5pm on October 16th

On-site registration will be available at the event.

Hidden Lakes Heroes - Captain: Monique Lopez-Hinkley

The Step Up For Down Syndrome walk is the primary fundraiser for the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas.  In addition to raising funds and awareness, the Walk is a family friendly event that will include plenty of fun for everyone.  We hope you will join us for this great day supporting individuals with Down syndrome! 

Welcome to our new walk. Even though the name has changed the goal is still the same. We walk to show support for our children who make the world a better place. Please join us in celebrating them and all the other wonderful people with Down Syndrome.


We hope you will support our Team and help raise awareness and funds to support people with Down syndrome.  If you would like to walk with us on October 22nd, select REGISTER

For those attending the event, an Early Bird Registration rate of $15.00 per person is available until June 30th.

Beginning July 1st, registration will be $25.00 per person. Walkers with Down syndrome can register to walk at no charge.

T-shirts are guaranteed for those that register before September 23rd. 

We look forward to a great day celebrating our friends and loved ones with Down syndrome in Sundance Square on October 22nd! 


If you are unable to attend the event, please consider making a charitable Donation showing your support. 


Register or Donate now by using the links above!



For more information, call 817-390-2970 or e-mail

Team Registrants
Victor Aguayo
Sherry Yates
Chrissy Parriette
Steve Fuqua
Monique Lopez-Hinkley
Jordan McDaniel
Sophie Hinkley
Susan Baxter
Jennifer Connell
Bertha Gomez
Emily Penninger
Chance Williams
Alexandra McKane
James Emmele
Elsa Marroquin
Soledad Freeman
Ella Heck
Dan Toombs
Graham Blakely
Annette Rogers
Ethan Rogers
Will Cox
Nicky Gunter
Marty Montgomery
Madeline Williams
Judson Rogers
Susan Knowles
Laurie Rollins
Jessica Jax
Yolanda Seaman
David Seaman
Laurice Reeves
Jasmine LaCour
Luisa Martinez
Brad Sigman
Ana Callahan
Michael Connell
Chip Williams
Agata Alvarez
Rod Przybysz
Ava Jade Cottingham
Blair Montgomery
Lisa Head
David Cox
Debbie Simco
Sheri Speed
Stephanie Kouba
Brittany Bonner
Blanca Borrego
Teresa Bowen
Lanette Lisle
Jace Penninger
Jessica Robinson
Courtney Fuqua
Tonya Fuqua
Onijah Coney
Chris Hinkley
Brent Cottingham
Aiden McKane
Michelle McKane
Jesse Nevarez
Sueli Umeki
Ed Seaman
Declan Blakely
ed hinkley
James Tilley
Sterling Cottingham
Justin Heck
Jerome Hennigan
Kylie Meyer
Shannon Blakely
Finnegan Blakely
Andrea Keller
Cade Penninger
Chad Edwards
Ellen Baltazar
Maggie Hardee
Ashton Meyer
Rudeene Nevarez
Abby Rogers
Cathy Edwards
Jonathan Kouba
Dyann Lundberg
Rosie Garcia
Matt Hooton
Nicole Pate
Beth Hudacek
Dyann Lundberg
Madaline Aguayo
Estella DeLeon
Amber Tilley
Judson Rogers
Norma Bazan
Sarah Lisle
Patricia Reedy
Sandra Gonzalez
Miles Lundberg
Emma Hinkley
Tom Taylor
Sterling Light
Lily Edwards
Miles Lundberg
Heather Andersen
Dean Corder
James Bowen
Amy Browning
Brian Cox
Letah Lundberg
Kellie Williams
Ethan Rogers
Melva Campbell
Mia Jax
Annette Rogers
Mark Penninger
Abby Rogers
Max Lisle
Hazel Sims-Robinson
Roslyn Williams
Misty Brooks
Therese Cox
Nick Cox
Kelly Meyer
Colby Gunnels
Donna Simco
Celina Przybysz
Veronica Gunter
Joyce Bennett
Jamie Heck
Jaxson Speed
Andrew Meyer
Holly Light
Christofer Tracy
Jennifer Taylor
Mike Lisle
Morgan Parriette
Merrit Klapperich
Sciath Kubicek
Jeanine Charlton
Delia Rich
Matt Lundberg
Cooper Parriette
Mitzi Cox
Nathan Keller
Jessica Gunnels
judy hinkley
Kathryn Molzan
Team Donors
Elizabeth Ewing
Debra Cool
Rochelle Porter
Lopez family
The Collier Family
The Rymers
Mr and Mrs Ed Seaman
Stacey Seaman
Tom & Jennifer Taylor
Jeanine Charlton
Terry McKee
Ana Callahan
Kellie Williams
TC McGregory
Wayne & Janice Weber
RoseMary Porter
Jeff, Violet, Colin & Ankita Blakely
Richie Hanley
Melissa and Sam Prince
Love, The Cottinghams
Tara Burkett
ed hinkley
J. Hennigan
Kylie Meyer
Dan toombs
In Home Speech & Language
Chris Koll
Mike and Nancy Marienau
Marisol Guzman
Brad Sigman
Joe & Melissa Rossa
Diana Fritzel
Dan & Jacquie Toombs
Paige Lyons
Art & Michelle Lopez
Tom Regensdorfer
John Hasley
Holly Light
Delia Rich
Teresa Hernandez
Adrian and Amanda Rodriguez
Colby and Jessica
Team Goal


Thank You To Our Generous 2017 Sponsors!


For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please call the DSPNT office at (682) 316-3121. 

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